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For the 2014-15 School Year Innovative and Alternative Education staff will be focused on the following School Improvement Measures:

  • Developing Students’ Writing, Reading, and Math Skills to grade level or higher through focused instruction using Close Reading,structured writing, gradual release and ALEK math skill building.
  • Developing Students’ Social Emotional and Vocational Skills  to advance their life-long learning and career  readiness.
  • Develop student career and college readiness through instructional assessment by the COMPASS Placement exam.

Along with numerous informal measures, we will be using the following formal assessments to inform our instruction with your student: 

  • For Reading: AIMS web, Compass, SRI, TABE
  • For Writing: Compass, District writing rubric, Teacher Team developed common assessment
  • For Math: AIMS web, Compass, ALEKS
  • For Social Emotional: Engagement through attendance

Ask you student’s teachers about their progress using these and other measures.

What are these assessments?


Innovative and Alternative Education teams utilize AIMSweb assessments for reading and math. AIMSweb’s reading and math measures are very brief (1-10 minutes) “General Outcome Measures” as they assess a representative sampling of key skills or generic tasks that have been verified by research to be good indicators of overall reading and math ability. 


ACT’s Compass assessment is a computer-adaptive college placement test used by many technical colleges (including Madison College) to evaluate incoming students’ academic skills and place students in appropriate courses. Innovative and Alternative Education is collecting the data of students who take the Compass as one of a few indicators to evaluate our teams’ instructional needs. 


Scholastic Reading Inventory (a product of Scholastic Inc.) is a computer adaptive measure of reading comprehension used by several IAE programs twice a year to provide us with information about students overall reading skill level and growth over time. 


A few of our teams utilize the paper and pencil Tests of Adult Basic Education (TABE), a product of McGraw Hill, to provide information on students’ basic reading and math skills. 

Engagement Through Attendance

Innovative and Alternatives Education teams will closely monitor students, assessment of progress to determine engagement.   


Not all teams use each of these measures. Assessments used vary depending upon the needs and structure of the program. Please contact your child’s teacher for more information on the assessments used in your child’s team.