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Night School

Night School provides an evening credit recovery alternative for students who are interested in an opportunity to earn an MMSD diploma. The curriculum includes courses that meet specific graduation requirements as well as a variety of electives.

Students attend classes from 5:45 pm - 7:30 pm Monday through Thursday at one of two sites - one at East High School and the other at West High School. Both are available to any student in the district.

Students are eligible to participate in Night School only or can continue to take classes at their school of residence. Participation in the program will be determined by the student’s specific credit requirements needed for Diploma Completion.


Student Eligibility

  • Night School is for Juniors and Seniors only with a minimum of 11 credits.


  • Talk to your school counselor directly for the referral process.

  • If you and your family agree, a referral will be made to Night School.

  • Students are only accepted at the beginning of each academic quarter. Night School staff will directly contact you about coming in discussing the program and if it is academically right for you.