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MMSD permits eligible students to participate in HSED (High School Equivalency Diploma) preparation programs.

The HSED is a state-issued education alternative to a traditional high school diploma, which consists of passing the GED test, has earned 0.5 credits in health, has passed an approved course or has passed a test in health; has earned 3.0 credits in social studies, has passed an approved course in citizenship or has passed an approved test in Civics; has attained employability skills; and has completed instruction in career awareness.

Programs Available

Madison College

  • Madison College provides classroom instruction in GED preparation for students at their Commercial Avenue campus (Northeast Madison).

Omega School

  • Omega School offers one-on-one GED preparation for students at their Badger Road site (South Madison). Omega offers daycare on specific days.

Student Eligibility

  • Students must be in their fourth year of High School and their graduation cohort has not graduated.

  • Students over 18 and whose ninth grade cohort has graduated can participate as an adult in these HSED programs without an MMSD contract.

  • Students must be interested in earning an HSED instead of an MMSD diploma.

  • Students will attend HSED program and will not be eligible to continue attending classes at their school of residence.


  1. Students should begin by discussing with their school support staff who will direct you to your school's Contract Services Single Point Contact.

  2. The Single Point Contact will go over your academic record, determine your eligibility to participate in the program and will ask you to take the Compass Test to determine some basic core competence. If your Single Point Contact agrees, they will make the referral to the program that is most appropriate.

  3. After the program has received and reviewed your referral, they will contact you for an interview and tour. If there is agreement that you should begin the program, you will then sign the Program Contract that asks the Board of Education to excuse you from regular school attendance and allows participation in the program.

You will begin the program with a Warning that we will review your attendance and progress during the first three weeks of attendance to make sure that you are performing according to contract.