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Name                              Position                                          Program             Phone             
Karyn Stocks-Glover Principal All 204.4220
Mary Jankovich Assistant Principal All 204.4220
Marianne Matt Counselor All 515.6469
Megan Miller Social Worker   576.5744
Xanda Fayen Social Worker   438.9728 442.0926
Carol McQuade Nurse   770.3515 204.4231
Aaron Geiger Psychologist All 212.7167
Rick Reynolds Behavioral Support All  235.4947
Larry Palm Administrative Assistant All 204.1582


Program Phone Numbers

Please note, if you are interested in information about these programs, please contact your student's School of Residence first. These numbers are provided as a courtesy to assist current students and families to reach staff.

Program                                 Key Contact                                  Phone Number
AERO Jocelyn Lepinski 204.4236
HSED Madison College Dee Okon 258.2435
HSED Omega Oscar Mirales 256.4650
Night School Eastside

Michelle Olson

Laura Gillis



Night School Westside Dan Maloney 663.6060
OFS Pathways Asius Vangio 244.4721
ROAD Eastside Jaime Utter 204.3716
ROAD Westside Katy Ainslie-Wallace 204.3552
SAPAR Lesa Reisdorf 204.4230
Seed To Table Stephen Jenkins 535.2965
TLC Greg Mawer 204.6856
WLC Eastside Erik Shager 204.4341
WLC Westside Jen Bien 824.1277