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Gateway to College

Gateway to College is a partnership with Madison College which enables students to attend classes outside of their high school in on the Madison College campus.


  • For your first semester, students will attend college preparation classes in a smaller learning group of 20-25 students.

  • After the first semester, students are eligible to participate in courses determined by your education and post-secondary goals.

  • You should expect to be in class for about twenty hours a week, with three to four hours of homework each day.

  • Students will earn both high school and Madison College credit.

  • You will still meet all MMSD graduation requirements to earn a high school diploma.


Student Eligibility

  • Students in grades 11-12 who are interested in attending college-level classes.


  • Talk to your school counselor or school social worker if Gateway to College is for you.

  • If you and your family agree, a referral will be made to Gateway to College.

  • Students are only accepted at the beginning of the school semesters. Because MMSD and Madison College semesters do not match, you must be willing to begin earlier in the summer or not complete first semester classes.

  • Madison College staff will contact you directly to determine if Gateway to College is right for you. You will need to attend an informational session, complete an application, participate in an academic assessment and testing and a program interview.

  • Students who are accepted will no longer be able to attend classes at their school of residence.