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Family Forum Fridays

Every Friday morning 7:30 - 9:00am parents and families are invited to IAE "Family Forum Fridays" at Lapham School Room 324, 1045 East Dayton Street.

Join other families and Principal Stocks-Glover to discuss topics of interest to you, including helping our students succeed, stay on track to graduation and prepare for life after high school.

WLC Dialogue Across The Ages

NBC 15 focuses on WLC Eastside Level 4's continuing work with the Madison Senior Center on "Dialogue Across The Ages". This long-standing program brings together high school seniors and senior citizens to discuss their experiences and share their dreams of the future.

2012 Poetry Slam All-Alternatives Semi-Finals

THANK YOU to everyone who supported our All-Alternatives Semi-Finals Poetry Slam. It is our hope that the experience will have a lasting impact on our students as well as our community.

Eric Meyer from Shabazz and Terry Jennings Jr. from WLC Lapham will represent us in the state finals on March 10 in Milwaukee.

Congrats also goes to Jessa Currier (Shabazz), Abraham Thomas Jr. (WLC Lapham), Vern Sanders (WLC Lapham), Armon Thomas (WLC Lapham), Mariah Robinson (WLC Stephens), Amber Tompkins (AERO), and Whitney Burkle (WLC Lapham) who all performed in front of a panel of judges and a great crowd.

NBC 15 News segment: Staying Out of Trouble through Poetry